Shallow Waves

Band Name: Shallow Waves
Album Name: Slip Away
Music Style: Alternative Rock

Shallow Waves is written, performed, and produced by Zaid Khan who initially started the project about two years ago as a result of frustration of having no real control over the previous band he was in. He released the first EP (Come on in) in May 2013.

“I wanted to have a project where I was writing the type of music I wanted to without having to comprise. I wanted to make music that encompass many of my influences including alternative rock, garage punk, surf and noise pop” Zaid says.

Indeed, thats exactly what the new single “Slip Away” is. High energy, hard hitting, yet somewhat loose and fun with a strong alternative edge and influence.

“Khan’s voice sparkles and sounds more comparable to a pop artist from the 50’s. I thought it created a nice contrast between all the elements that not only crossed genres but seemed to cross time periods.” – Ted Rogan of The Equal Ground

Zaid plans next to put a full band together for live performances of the Shallow Waves material as well as working on a full length album.

You can learn more at:


Eddie Gumucio & The Electrics

Band Name: Eddie Gumucio & The Electrics
Album Name: Pre Side Of Fall
Music Style: Indie Alternative Pop
Influences: U2

Four-piece band from Missouri led by eclectic vocal melodies, distinct rhythms and driving hook laden guitar.

Eddie Gumucio’s indie rock stylings are spiced up with tinges of world flavoring. It’s a warm sound, one that embraces the listener and offers a big feeling of the familiar sharpened with a dash of the exotic. Listeners will find themselves in rapt attention as Gumucio’s riveting sound plays.


Why could scientists use music to communicate with even aliens in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”? Because music is that universal. It is a close encounter among people, even if it’s a listener 1,000 miles away from the artist, the human connection made across the distance through the power of music. “Music,” says Gumucio, “is the language of the universe. It connects with everyone and makes me feel understood, complete, comforted. It is, in the best cases, a spiritual exchange.”


Music also has a special place in the universe as a uniquely human expression. It’s fire and passion and human emotion all wrapped into a sublime mode of communication. “Music is the platform for all things that makes us uniquely human beings. It is musical poetry addressing the simplest and most complex emotions of life.” In the hands of a master, it is a razor sharp manifestation of human energy that pierces right to the mind and heart. Gumucio is such a master.

The Artist at Work

Gumucio was a runner up out of more than 450 artists in the Conan O’Brien college band search. He has opened for My Morning Jacket, David Mead, Nickel Creek, Ass Ponys and Summer Camp. New York City and the west are targets of interest for Gumucio’s summer touring. He also has Europe in his sights. He has just announced the release of his 4rth full length album “Pre Side Of Fall” as his first digital only download through Bandcamp. Gumucio is a bilingual artist (English and Spanish) raised in La Paz, Bolivia and his music reflects that. This dual American is destined to be a musical superstar throughout all of the Americas. He is currently working with A&R Select, the leading indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


“Gumucio offers a striking blend of indie rock flavors and world music, making for songwriting that is exotic but accessible.” -A&R Select

“Gumucio drinks from the well where the waters of love and life run deepest.” -Greg Hankins / Springfield Free Press



Band Name: DareDevilDale
Album Name: Vivid Tales of Love & Catastrophe
Music Style: Indie Pop
Influences: The Police

Conceptually dark and unflinchingly hopeful is the world illuminated in Doli Stepniewski’s creation. Starring as alter ego, DareDevilDale, Doli single-handedly weaves together a collection of progressive human experience, as stirring as it is catchy.

Explosively expatriated from the farmlands of Ohio, singer-songwriter Doli Stepniewski breathes mischievous spirit into creative alter ego, DareDevilDale. Known for effusive hooks and anthemic power-pop melodies, he creates vivid tales of love and catastrophe… fit for the pages of a graphic novel. Each song pulls equally from Stepniewski’s own experiences as both an accomplished touring musician (Owsley, Amy Grant, Under The Big Top) and a successful tech entrepreneur. The result is an accessible yet divergent sound delivered with a wink and nod to musical superheroes Stewart Copeland, Gordon Sumner, Andy Summers, Stuart Adamson and John Taylor.

When not criss-crossing the boundaries of the American soundscape as DareDevilDale, Stepniewski is an animator and rock & roll developer in Nashville, Tennessee where he lives with his wife and three sons.


Michael Owens

Band Name: Michael Owens
Album Name: The Devil’s Doorway
Music Style: Rock,Blues,Pop, Americana
Influences: Beatles

An eclectic blend of Blues, Rock,& Americana and a bit of Country.Guitar-driven songs influenced by 60’s,70’s Pop Rock – yet very original.

Michael Owens was a founding member of  Twin/Tone recording artists FINGERPRINTS. In addition to dates with Pere Ubu, Blondie and Peter Hammill, the band headlined at the legendary Longhorn Bar, First Ave and other venues in Minneapolis/St Paul/Chicago and the upper Midwest  area including dates at Duffy’s with Mitch Ryder and Dwight Twilley. The late Tim Carr (A&R Warner Brothers) called Mike’s song Wasted On You, the best single song on the first three Twin/Tone EP’s. (The little Red Records-Fingerprints, The Suburbs and Curtiss A’s Spooks) The band also headlined at  The Walker Art Center Presents “The Cream Of The Crop” supported by Spooks(Curtiss A) and NNB. Fingerprints was also chosen as the first band paired with a movie in The Walker Art Centers Band and a movie in Loring Park as well as the M-80 Music Festival with Chris Stamey & The DB’s,Devo,The Fleshtones and The Richard Lloyd Quintet. The band reformed for The Mill City Music Festival in 1999 headlined by Prince.                                                                                                                                      

Mike along with Blackberry Way partner and Fingerprints drummer Kevin Glynn, formed THE IDLE STRAND. With Gary Menne on bass the band released two LP’s on Blackberry Way Records. The LP’s received rave reviews in Boston Rock, Rockpool and Cash Box magazines. The LP’s were released in Europe on LINE/WARNER BROTHERS RECORDS, and garnered tons of college radio- play in the USA.

As a record producer/recording engineer and session musician Mike appears on countless projects over the years.

The new CD The Devil’s Doorway was recorded at Blackberry Way winter 2013.


The Joint

Band Name: The Joint
Album Name: Bitter Sweet
Music Style: Rock, Indie Rock, Classic Rock
Influences: Radio

The Joint carries a solid “Vintage Modern” sound, Creating a strong, raw, electric sound which prevails in their live shows nightly. group strives to complete diverse, honest records that stay true to
their sound.
The earliest incarnation of The Joint began in late 2006, when Jon Tyler Smith and Aaron Tymec were introduced through a mutual friend and quickly began writing songs together. The following summer, Warren Gies would join on drums. The band sorted through multiple line ups before – in early 2010 – solidifying the final line up of 4 when Tyler Hodgkinson joined on bass, and Jon Tyler Smith took on lead vocal duties.

Their first milestone as a band was in Oshawa’s annual “Bandwarz” competition 2010, where they won the studio time used to record their first EP entitled “Just A Taste” (released January 21 2011).

The next would be their 1st place win in the Triumph Musician Search Contest 2011, with their song/music video for “The Preacher”, after competing with numerous bands in the Durham Region.

The band has had plenty of college radio play from thier previous full length release “Young Essance”, along with in studio performances on various stations.

The new single “Crimson Queen”, is the first song released from the full length “Bittersweet” album. The single walks the line between classic pop rock, and a radio friendly indie rock that promises to please fans young and old . Queen meets Queens Of The Stoned Age and everything in between.

With a 2014 international tour covering both US and Canada, starting this October, The Joint is poised to take over one city at a time


Lady & West

Band Name: Lady & West
Album Name: Bright Soul
Music Style: Indie Folk
Influences: Mississippi John Hurt
Lady & West is an indie folk pop duo hailing from Texas and Kansas. The band consists of Jennifer Billiot and Kirk Garrett who currently live and write in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Their band name expresses their love of opposites combining, like two distinct personalities that start to blur together: Lady & West, with the emphasis on ‘&’.

The band’s new full-length release ‘Bright Soul’ is filled with melodic pop and country blues that combine together “in the birthing of something totally new”.

“Black Raven”, the first single from the album, mixes classic rock and indie pop with beautiful and inspirational melody, and a groove-oriented, almost tribal sound. The duo explains, “’Black Raven’ is a plea to a spirit that holds the key to everything you’re dying to know. But does it really?”

Another single from the album, “Rest Your Soul”, gives you the same feeling as watching an old western film. “It’s an age told a tale set in the beauty and sun blasted seriousness of the Wild West where everything is at stake, including your soul” says the band.

Another single from the album, “If I Were A River”, is a bluesy love song reflecting the band’s obsession with elemental sounds and poetry that leave the listener with a transcendent feeling that hypnotizes you and hangs around awhile.

Although the album is the first studio effort for Lady & West, the band has already had rave reviews from the likes of the Music Editor at, and has been featured as one of the New & Noteable and Top Downloaded bands on The album has also been aired on radio stations in NYC, California and The UK and has had an artist feature on Music Inform, among other blogs: lifestyle and music.

They have also performed at several venues in Brooklyn including: LIC Bar in Long Island City, Spike Hill in Williamsburg, Colonia Verde in Fort Greene, as well as Comodo in Manhattan, and others in Upstate NY, namely The Hudson Valley and The Catskills.

“These songs speak of love and of loss, of our deepest fears and our highest aspirations.  They bridge the gaps between our ‘spaces and places’, giving meaning to our lives, telling us the old truths: let go, and become who you once were, and shall be again…” – Leslie Hallam of Tangent

“Kirk’s guitar, usually acoustic, carries an elemental vibe. It’s sometimes percussive, often a complementary voice of melody to Jennifer’s actual voice. The music evokes folk, country, blues, and rock and roll. There is plenty of earthen, organic imagery to go along with sonic backdrop. Jennifer’s voice reminds me of Jenny Lewis, with its clarity, soul, and occasional ache.” —

“You can’t help feeling like you are right there in the room as Jennifer sings and Kirk picks and strums. It doesn’t sound labored upon, its sounds effortless.” –

To hear and learn more about Lady & West, please visit:


Episode 002 NTROradio-Live 3-29-15

Here is episode 002 of NTROradio-LIVE. I played more music that’s still yet to be posted. Some is

already in rotation but most isn’t yet. I tried a different mic set up this time and it sounds kinda tinny. But it worked ok. I’m gonna mess with some eq and plugins to see if I cant beef it up a bit on the bottom end.
Artists played this time included…

  • Black Dawn
  • Sympathetic Drive
  • Lady & West
  • The White Cherries
  • Froy
  • Shannon Scott
  • The Dread
  • DareDevilDale



New show Starting Soon

I also wanted to let everyone know that a new show will be starting soon. It’s called “Hanging with…” and will feature not only artists but it will have some special “celebrities” of some sort. It will be a show that is more like a back stage pass where we will talk about the guest like a couple of people who just met at a bar or coffee shop. We will take calls on Skype or Mumble and get to know the

special guest. With no time limit and being uncensored this could get pretty deep, lol.

The guests will run a full gamut from the artists we play to other podcasters, musicians, comedians, tech gurus and charitable organisations. It sounds like a lot of fun and I cant wait to get started. Also have I mentioned that the best way to listen to these shows on your android device is to use our app? You can find it here! The iOS app is still going through the approval process.
Both apps are a simple no holes barred way to get to our station stream and social media. Plus they are 100% free in cost and 100% AD-FREE!


Episode 001 of NTROradio-LIVE

Well here is episode 1 of NTROradio-Live.

Its not an actual full blown episode where I did a lot of talking. It’s roughly 45 minutes of me playing some tunes currently in rotation and I talked a little about The ACF.

Artists in this episode are…

The following artists were also played and are featured artists that will have articles posting within 2 weeks.

  • Black Dawn
  • Lady & West
  • The Dreaded Marco

I also played a special message from Howard Wilson III. Keep in mind Howard is a fictional character.


Let’s Wait

Band Name: Let’s Wait
Album Name: Hiding in Your Fantasy
Music Style: Electronic Pop/New Wave
Influences: New Wave

Our music is an organic, yet modern take on 80s influenced Electronic Pop, New Wave and Post Disco.

Boston based Electro Pop band Let’s Wait came into existence during the

winter of 2012-13 when Alexis Desjardins (Synthesizer), Mike Ward
(Synthesizer/Guitar) and Matt Relstab (Bass) began a musical collaboration
after the demise of their former band. Later joined by vocalist Tashi Pique
and aided by an arsenal of vintage drum machine sounds the group began
composing a collection of songs that would lay the foundation for the EP
“Hiding in Your Fantasy”. The initial vision was to create catchy, unique
electronic compositions that felt organic and performance based. Emphasis
was placed on textural synthesizer arrangements and expressive electronic
drums that were playfully reminiscent of 1980s era Synth-Pop, New Wave and
Post Disco.

By the beginning of 2014 the band had fully conceptualized their musical
vision and were playing shows regularly through out the Boston area. These
performances saw the addition of live drummer James Willetts and included
thematic backing visuals and diy light shows. Around this time the group
also started the process of recording their debut EP.

The six song effort was entirely self-produced and engineered in the group’s project studios.
Through out the recording and mixing there was a strong desire to maintain
the natural dynamics and essence of each performance while avoiding the
typical pitfalls that can often make “in the box” electronic music sound sterile.
The end result: “Hiding in Your Fantasy” is a strikingly organic
collection of Pop songs that strives to tell a complex story with its intensely personal
lyrical narrative and sonic diversity.

The first single “Shadows” is a fun, upbeat, electro-pop track that builds up with layered,
lush synths. intense dynamic vocals, and hook lines right up to the chorus that keeps
you coming back for more.

“The single tells a story of how suppressed or neglected aspects of one’s
personality can mysteriously re-emerge in the form of pain, passion or
inspiration.” the band explains.

Hiding In Your Fantasy E.P. was released in mid November 2014 and is
available on several digital platforms along with physical CD’s for purchase at live shows.

Let’s Wait has received rave reviews on, one of Boston’s premiere
music blogs are planning new shows for early 2015.

To hear and learn more about Let’s Wait, check out these sites: