Band Name: Motherfolk
Album Name: Motherfolk
Music Style: Folk

Motherfolk is an indie and traditional folk band that started as Nathan Dickerson and Bobby Paver. The two college friends started writing music together in 2013. After realizing that the themes of their music shared a common theme, they made frequent trips to Nashville during the year to record what eventually became their debut album.

In early 2014, Jacob Bremer, Rich Miller, and Aaron Wilson were added to the band, completing the roster they would need to perform live shows. Since then, Motherfolk has been touring all across the nation and making a name for themselves and their high energy live performances.

The new release is a self titled full length record that reaches the peaks of indie and pop folk, all the way to indie and garage rock.

The first single “Hiccups” is an upbeat, catchy pop tune that get starght to the heart of what the indie pop and folk fusion is all about. Inspirational, uplifting, and free spirited.

All this while songs like “Thank You’s”, a personal pop ballad becomes a staple in the Motherfolk sound.

The band has had appearances at many summer music festivals, including Bunbury, and have performed at many large venues across the nation, such as the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago, IL. Opened for Blessid Union of Souls in summer of 2014.

Motherfolk have a semi-national tour coming up in December, and a national tour that we will be embarking on in January.

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White Limo

Band Name: White Limo
Album Name: Magic Formula
Music Style: Rock
White Limo from Gothenburg Sweden plays tight, explosive, dynamic stadium rock, you can hear influences of Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro and Queens Of The Stone Age in their music. A rock explosion with its heart in the right place.

Nisse Lindberg: Vocals and Guitar

Driving force personified, look up driving force in a dictionary and you will
find this man ?s face all over the page. With vocal chords dipped in gold
and a godlike touch on the neck of his guitar makes Nisse the uncut diamond in White Limo ?s bling.
Andreas Larsson: Guitar and backup vocals
The unbelievable magic that hides deep deep down in the sound of White
Limo is just fragments of Andreas soul. The creative genius on the verge of
madness always dressed in black has a depth that is hard to grasp. A self-
proclaimed legend.
Oliver Vincent Bonzalez Gonzalez Stiller: Bass and Backup vocals
Little is known about the adventures of Oliver before he sat foot on Swedish
soil. Some say that he traveled the seven seas some say he is the unknown
brother of Pat Smear. All we know for certain is that Spanish bass players
kick ass!
Jesper Svensson: Drums and Cymbals
Hard hitting drummer – that’s just his middle name. If some people has the
rhythm in their blood, this man eat, sleep, breath and lives for it. The back
bone of White Limo. This wizard behind the drums turns the art of drumming into a simple trick.
White Limo
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Two Houses

Band Name: Two Houses
Album Name: Disappointer
Music Style: Indie, Punk
Two houses is a three-piece indie punk rock band from Chicago making triumphant sad-bastard music and reliable rock and roll. They write thoughtful lyrics and make liberal use of a Electro-Harmonix Big Muff.

Three boys, madly in love with parties and rock n’ roll, met within one week of moving to Chicago. Four years later, Two Houses are en route to becoming the city’s eminent power trio.

Out now on Let’s Pretend Records and Rad Girlfriend Records, Two Houses’ debut 7” Disappointer exhibits the band’s thoughtful lyricism and eclectic, yet die-hard rock n’ roll influence.

Disappointer is the Replacements boiled down into a Vegas bomb. Think three insatiable dudes headlining an ill attended bar, on a full-band vision quest to channel Exile-era Stones.


Stuck with Green

Band Name: Stuck With Green
Album Name: Songs Dad Won’t Let Me Sing
Music Style: Comedy/Electronic-Experimental
Stuck With Green is pure satire in the form of experimental electronic music. Sounds like Beck meets Frank Zappa. NIN meets Andy Samberg. ICP meets Weird Al.

If you were expecting to read a boring and unamusing artist biography… boy are you out of luck! You are now “Stuck with Green.” What follows is the quirky little ditty of “The Great Green Potentater” – (also known as Matt Thompson.)

Matt is the musical maestro behind the clever and comical creations of Stuck with Green. As an experimental and studio-based composer from Orlando, Florida – Thompson ensures his eclectic creations stick out from the pack.

You see; only Matthew could write such a sordid array of rock and electronic orchestral operas. On one hand, this “Potentater” crafts satirical songs that make Pontificates blush. On the other hand, he’s an award-winning songwriter and publisher with tunes on TV shows.

The “Potentater” is a role Matt seemed destined to play since childhood. He explains, “Ironically, my first lead performance was as ‘The Potentate’ in my junior high presentation of The Great Late Potentate.” Throughout the rest of Matt’s school years, he would be deeply involved in both music and drama. Thompson reminisces, “I created comedy skits, music videos as well as funny songs. I remember as a leader in student council I was very serious about not being serious.”

Stuck with GreenThe oldest of eight siblings, Matt’s parents had their hands full, as Thompson recalls, “To keep our belongings straight, Mom and Dad color-coded everything… I got stuck with the color green.” However, his conservative family did take notice of his God-given talents and arranged piano lessons with their church organist. While he didn’t last long as a student, Matt was hooked on music.

While in college Thompson took classes in piano, guitar, and studied choir directing – he did all of this while getting his degree in Theology. The guitar would end up being his favorite tool for composing songs. His musical influences were varied, including everything from 90s rock all the way to the avant-garde sounds of Trent Reznor, Hans Zimmer, and Danny Elfman.

Matt Thompson PerformsAfter college Matt got more serious about his songwriting, releasing several albums under the artist name Juniper. His debut album was the self-titled Juniper, released in 1999. Thompson would release three additional albums; Unspoken (2003), Escape (2006), and Crazy Love (2009.) All of the works were published via ACM records.

By 2009, Matt was growing weary of his corporate job. “I know dreams have deadlines,” he states. The once “Great Potentater” had to recharge. He left the daily grind behind to pursue his music business full time. It was the official beginning of Stuck with Green.

In 2014, Stuck with Green released Songs Dad Won’t Let Me Sing, a mix of novelty, comedy and experimental-electronic music. Thompson teamed up with lyricist Johnny Starburst on the project and published it through Starburst Music Publishing.

There is a gravity to his artistry when Thompson’s in the studio as a composer. He has placed several scores in TV programs such as the Dr. Oz Show and True Hollywood Stories. As a songwriter, Matt’s won numerous awards, including contests at and has taken First Place via the contest in 2006. “My goal is composing a hybrid of electronic and rock-orchestral type of music like the visual based artists Elfman, Zimmer and Reznor have done,” explains Thompson.

Whether he is in the studio or up on stage performing a slightly obscene song, one thing stands certain… as “The Great Green Potentater,” Matthew Thompson has always stood out from the pack. He wants everyone to remember that life is short, and death is long… it’s long just like that “Potentater” that sticks out of that order of fries you just bought. Now stop being so serious, go get Stuck with Green.


Grandmother Cornflake

Band Name: Grandmother Cornflake
Album Name: Songs from the Lake
Music Style: Pop, Rock, Americana
Influences: The Beatles

Grandmother Cornflake’s sound can best be described as melodic songs with catchy hooks and great vocal harmonies. It’s mined from the great bands we admired as we’ve made our way through life, such as Tom Petty, The Beatles, The Plimsouls, ect.

Grandmother Cornflake (GMCF) is a song writing and recording team consisting of Tony Brackett (bass guitar, guitar, mandolin), David Prago (vocals, keyboards, guitar, harmonica, dulcimer) and Fred Smith (guitar, keyboards, drums). Songs From The Lake is a collection of music recorded over the course of 2014. There are no “virtual” instruments used or digital editing performed in the recording of the music. GMCF has a wide variety of influences including REM, Tom Petty and The Beatles. We pride ourselves on writing music with strong melodies and vocal harmonies. Included is a mix of rock, pop, ballads and Americana. GMCF would like to extend thanks to our old friend and band mate Jack Quidley as well as Jacob Anflick and Aaron Turner for providing the outstanding drumming heard on Songs From The Lake. Very special thanks to Billy Richardson and Electric Eye Studios for the mixing and mastering of this album!

GMCF Bio: David, Tony and drummer Jack Quidley formed the band Mother Cornflake in the early 1990’s. After playing with several guitarists for a couple of years, David invited his cover band partner Fred to join up. Fred eagerly agreed and his playing style was what the band was looking for to round out their sound. Mother Cornflake toured the east coast playing to packed houses as well as recording a full length album and an EP. Unfortunately, the strains of various life challenges forced the group to disband in 1996. Jack moved home to Cape Hatteras, NC and David and Fred continued playing in their cover band for the following 10 years. Jack is currently a singer/guitarist performing well over 100 gigs a year in various venues on North Carolina’s east coast. Prior to joining Mother Cornflake, Tony was a member of The Graphic, his wife Treva’s popular Greensboro band. The Graphic played numerous shows all over the country including several at the famed CBGB. After his stint in Mother Cornflake, he continued playing shows with Treva and played on her highly successful album recorded in the late 1990’s with their longtime friend Don Dixon and Mitch Easter handling the engineering and production duties. Tony, David and Fred remained friends over the years and got the “bug” to write some music together again. They were having so much fun, they decided to record the songs which are included here. It seemed fitting to make Mother a Grandmother since we are all a little older, hopefully more mature and better songwriters!! Grandmothers were always more fun than mothers when you were a kid anyway, right?!!!


Niko Lorraine

Band Name: Niko Lorraine
Album Name: Feast or Famine
Music Style: World Rock Folk
Influences: Billie Holiday

Honest. Intense. Unapologetic Soulful. Groundbreaking. While the above mentioned terms have been bandied about by critics and fans alike to describe the music and lyrics on Progressive Folk Rock singer/songwriter Niko Lorraine’s sophomore CD.

Niko was encouraged by her mother, at an early age, to embrace all styles of music. While she was growing up in South Texas, Niko was exposed to a healthy diet of jazz, rock, country, R&B, gospel, folk, heavy metal, punk and blues. “Mama and I would listen to all kinds of music, and I learned to appreciate and connect with it all,” Niko remembers. “I fell in love with artists as different as Billie Holiday, Thelonious Monk, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, Led Zeppelin, Patty Smith, Nirvana, STP, Metallica, Mega- deth, as well as (her self proclaimed ‘Sheros’) Ani DiFranco and Riot Girrrrl movement pioneer Kathleen Hannah of Bikini Kill. It was mu- sic I had, and still have, a spiritual connection to in so many ways. It has never been about one particular genre for me.”


James L. Snelgrove-Jimmy SixStrinGtm

Band Name: James L. Snelgrove/JimmYSixStrinGtm
Album Name: The Beatitudes-Fishers of men,Devil Get Out!,My Bi
Music Style: Alternative-Gospel,Blues, R&B, Easy Listening
Influences: Hendrix

Kick’in but refined, Improv. but controlled, Dynamic, Firm, Moody, Different, Unpredictable, Not yet Heard!

The Lord has blessed me with so many songs I often loose count, if it wasn’t for The Lord directing me to “Get it done” so to speak I guess all this wonderful spiritual expression would be lost forever. But Jesus put this in my heart and soul to share with everyone who will listen. Hey folks I’m just spreading the Gospel for the Lord. A-men. From Keg-Party Jammer to Holy Ghost filled Praise and Worship just about says it all. Was Lost but now found department. Praise the Lord! Thank You JESUS! Are you stressed out! from trying to damage your brain with music overkill trying to get that satisfied feeling in your heart? If so check out this CD it won’t relax you to the point that you don’t want to do anything but will inspire you to realize how close the Lord (Jesus) really keeps us all spiritually together. You see! we must be careful about the high-tension over excited rush from the music associated with video games. It seems most new music is the same as if you were playing a game and not listening to the heart of the singer/player/writer/performer/ect.Don’t stress out so much. You can’t meditate on God’s word and listen to misic that sounds like you’re shooting aliens at the same time. The Lord is that soft calm unexplainable feeling from His word to us. It’s a frustrating world we live in you must try to get as much peace as posible from day to day. Thanks for reading and God Bless, I am (with God’s help) going to try to get the (CD-DVD-VCD-ect. into as many souls as he will let me. This is not a get famous deal I get a terific feeling of joy from listening to the songs myself that’s the difference of allowing God to influence the music you play. Hey “JESUS” plays a mean guitar. A-men.
Phone: Home-601-693-8501
Christ Community Church

is a lone guitarist utilizing the art of modern technologies to entrance the audiophile and at the same time provide a unique & robust experience for all age groups with out leaning to far towards a particular genre of music. The Idea is to be small & compact while maintaining a db level thru the P.A. system to get maximum exposure for all frequencies from the total spectrum to explode into the audience without harming anyone’s ears. Delivering a complete Christian Rock, Gospel Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Blues Rock, Jazz & Jazz Fusion, rehearsed & Improvilizational mixture of Rock, Blues & Pop, while maintaining the Drive & unique smoothness of a multi-musician performance.

The lost gap rhythm section is a collection of CD rhythm tracks recorded & mixed especially for this particular purpose. These Trax provide the dynamics to give the listener the heart pounding adrenaline pumping experience utilized by music masters all thru the generations. And of course God is in charge of all this, so there is no ego, pride & stupidity intended, just good clean music & fun. Hope you enjoy & God Bless! JimmYSixStrinGtm


Black Dawn

Band Name: Black Dawn
Album Name: Until We Meet
Music Style: Metal/Heavy Rock
Influences: Alice In Chains

Matt Kotten – Guitar, Vocals Tom Kelly – Guitar James Lane – Bass Enzo DiPaolo – Drums

Black Dawn has been performing live music of the metal / heavy rock genre in the Long Island / New York City area since 1996.  Black Dawn has consisted of the same four members for all eighteen years of live performances: Matt Kotten (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Tom Kelly (Rhythm Guitar), James Lane (Bass Guitar), Enzo DiPaolo (Drums).  Black Dawn’s most direct musical influences include Alice In Chains, Black Sabbath, Disturbed, Down, Fight, Godsmack, Korn, Life of Agony, Metallica, Mudvayne, Soil, Soundgarden, Staind, Stone Temple Pilots, Tool, Volbeat, and White Zombie.

Black Dawn’s discography consists of the EP “Black Dawn (1996), the live CD “Live at CBGB’s (1998), two full-length CD’s “Absence of Time” (1999) and “Age of Reason” (2004), and the EP “Until We Meet” (2014).  Selected tracks from all of these releases have been included in rotation on hundreds of various college / internet radio stations and podcasts worldwide.  All five tracks from  “Until We Meet” are currently available for free download on among other websites.

Black Dawn has performed / participated in numerous shows, festivals, competitions and conferences from New York City to Los Angeles and has opened for acts such as Kings X, Daisy Berkowitz, LA Guns, Biohazard, and Michale Graves (ex Misfits vocalist).  Black Dawn has performed in many famous venues in New York City including Webster Hall, CBGB’s, the Continental, and the Hard Rock Cafe.

Perhaps the best thing that could be said about Black Dawn is that, even after all this time, the band has no intention of slowing down.  The band is writing new songs all the time so creatively, there is still pleanty of gas left in the tank.  Still pleanty more shows to perform.

Basically, a band like Black Dawn is what you get when you combine four metal / rock musicians who are able to work together over the long term through thick and thin to continue to bring their act to the stage.  


Shannon Scott

Band Name: Shannon Scott
Album Name: Carvings
Music Style: Indie Pop/Adult Contemporary

With the release of her full length album Carvings, Shannon Scott combines a unique approach to songwriting and a diverse palette of genres into one solid indie-pop record.

Although she is considered a solo artist, Shannon Scott has played with many musicians that come different musical backgrounds. This, with her college education in jazz studies, helped her develop her technique for writing arrangements. As her players changed so did the arrangements, and continually giving a fresh perspective to the same songs is how she grew into the songwriter she is today.

The first single, “The Call”, is a catchy indie-pop song complete with a horn section and a groove that makes you have to move; it draws you in more and more as it adds hooks and harmonies.

“The song is simply about sitting outside on a breezy summer day.  I actually wrote it doing exactly that.  The lyrics reflect the sensual experience, and the wind is “calling” to me in a kind of thoughtful or fanciful way,” says the songwriter of her single.

Although “The Call” delivers a definite indie-pop feel, the album covers every genre, from soul to adult contemporary and even jazz.  A perfect example is “The Writer”: the beautiful piano sections and orchestral accompaniment paint a picture that you can hear.  All told, Carvings is a tasteful and very well-produced album, with an array of musical landscapes that boast lyrics to suit.

“I think my sound is perpetually evolving…  Hence the variety on the album.  I swing back and forth between pop and jazz when I write,” explains Shannon.

Shannon has already played at many of the major venues in her hometown Vancouver, including multiple performances for the Vancouver International Jazz Festival.  She is planning a Canadian tour for 2015.

To hear and learn more of Shannon Scott, please visit:


Public Light

Band Name: Public Light
Album Name: Sam Stone EP
Music Style: Folk / Acoustic
Influences: 2Pac
A one man, tune twistin’, lyrical machine from the past, bringing words and spoken verbs into the future minds of many. Built from Hip-hop, held together by Folk, inspired by Rock and Roll, dreams of EDM, and kneels to Soul: that is Public Light.

When Sam Osheroff was in 8th grade, his dad bought him his first guitar for attaining straight A’s. Sam loved the sound and idea of the guitar and the possibilities behind it, and has been teaching himself how to play ever since.  After a short while, he started playing American folk songs and from there, started writing lyrics and progressions on his own.

Starting in a very classical “Folk” style, but heavily influenced by the quickness, and flow of hip hop rhymes, developed a cross genre indie folk pop project he calls Public Light.

“Public Light is derived from the idea that all things are made of light molecules, and I want to shine my light on the public to hopefully influence someone the way that music has influenced me so greatly in life.” explains the songwriter.

His latest EP release, Sam Stone, is an array of acoustic pop songs that bare personal lyrical content and catchy progressions and guitar work.

The first single “Dismemberment” is a perfect example of such writing. The song is an acoustic pop track with americana undertones and rhythmically fun vocal phrasing and melody.

As Sam puts it, ” The single is pretty much written from the cosmos, explaining who I am on a day to day basis. Doesn’t get more personal than this. Its my soul, in the form of song”.

The project produces a unique heavy influence of hip hop lyrics, over simple guitar progressions. The way words flow together, in a sort of quick, spoken word with singing style, over very familiar guitar sounds is something not often heard. It’s a way Public Light sets itself apart from typical folk songs.

The Sam Stone EP was released in late November 2014 and is available on several digital platforms for download, and Public Light is currently booking small shows around Seatlle WA.

To hear and learn more about Public Light please visit: