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Bag of Nickels

Band Name: Bag Of Nickels
Album Name: Amen
Music Style: rock
Influences: Janes Addiction

Band Description: Music to make the head nod…Bag of Nickels is not easily categorized,filed or labeled.. Their sound is drum and bass driven, with powerful guitars and smooth vocal melodies.

Bag of Nickels, coming off of a recent hiatus, is promoting the release of their 3rd album “Amen”.  The independent release was produced by Dennis Prado and co-produced and mixed with Philadelphia-based, grammy-award winning engineer, Mike Tarsia.

Born out of Wilmington, Delaware, the members of Bag of Nickels have played together since 1995, taking several breaks along the way to pursue side and solo projects and to decompress from the grind of playing shows, working 9-5s, and inner turmoil.

Their two previous albums were also self-released, “Soul Change” and “Mantequilla”.  During that time period, Bag of Nickels made their rounds throughout the tri-state area, playing clubs, getting local press, and the occasional radio spotlight.  A highlight was a feature on Fox Philadelphia with a live performance on their Morning Show for the Mantequilla CD release.

Further success, saw them venture out of the tri-state area, playing shows as far south as North Carolina and occasional shows in New York.

Wiser and older, Bag of Nickels’ release, “Amen” is a culmination of many years of success; failure; personal strife; and ultimately victory… in blending together a unique sound which only 4 unassuming musicians from Delaware, passionate about their instruments, could create.  The music is familiar, but, new; smooth and soulful at times; tough and raw at others.

Bag of Nickels wants to share this passion and connect with fans across the world.

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