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Band Name: Annette
Album Name: Papillon amiral
Music Style: singer songwriter/acoustic rock

Singer songwriter Annette Campagne delivers a mix of contemporary folk, melodic pop and acoustic rock. Combined with straight ‘shoot from the hip ness’ lyrics and soulful vocals, her songs have content and depth.

Folk rock singer songwriter Annette Campagne has been writing and performing for over 25 years. Singing in both English and French, her work with the group Hart Rouge boasts an impressive list of accomplishments: seven albums and several commercial radio hits and tours across Canada, the U.S. and Europe. This paved the way for her solo career, where she released another three albums.

Annette proves she is the quintessential Canadian artist; the straight-shooting poet of a prairie girl who has seen the world but who revels in her prairie roots. She’s the hip, urban musician standing in a field of wheat singing about heartbreak and the thrill of new beginnings; about the refusal to compromise; about fury and forgiveness.

Her most recent album, ‘Papillon amiral”, is full of rough guitars, beautiful vocals, strong melodies and powerful lyrics. It is smooth and soulful with a hit of big sky country, the work of an artist whose mettle has been tested.

She strives to create a ‘comfortable connectedness’ and a ‘feel good’ atmosphere with her songwriting. Her songs are positive, not in a ‘fleur bleu/everything is wonderful” way, but one based in a faith-infused reality and self- empowering optimism.

She delivers a mix of contemporary folk, melodic pop and acoustic rock with a sweet and soulful voice. Her songs weave through life’s paradoxes with a mix of compassion, contemplative detachment and humor leaving one with a refreshing sense of hope and faith.

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